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Do you know how many bridges there are in Prague?
Do you know where Charles Bridge and Franz Kafka museum
are? You can see all this and many more at Prague – Smíchov.

About project

Come and see the biggest interactive model of Prague which has not been permanently exhibited yet for its vast area.

The construction of planning scheme lasted for more than 20 years. Its area is 115,2 m2. This corresponds with the area of Prague of 11.812 hectares = 23.525 of football pitches!

You will see where metro goes, all the natural parks, main cycling routes or ferries, significant buildings, museums and many others.

Four all-direction cameras are targeted at the model of 1:1000 scale; are operated by visitors by means of touch screens and are connected with the database of Prague Information Service. This enables the visitors to find a specific object on the model and at the same time to obtain a detailed description and images of the real object.

The unique, hand-painted Šíp´s paper model of old Prague from 1826 – 1837 is a part of the exhibition.

Ticket price

Adults150 CZK
Children, Senior citizens, Students100 CZK

Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday09:00 - 19:00


Stroupežnického 23
150 00 Prague 5 - Anděl

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